About the Warriors

If you’ve read The Labyrinth, book 1 in the Warriors of Light metaphysical fantasy series by Alethea Kehas, you will know the main characters Aponi, Shesha, Dell, Ari, Sula and Lupe. Six teens who have been tasked with a mission to save Earth. The lines of light in the planet have been broken by the greed of humanity, creating a damaging and dangerous darkness. A darkness, the warriors discover, that also exists inside each of them. It manifests in different forms, showing them their individual fears and what they need to heal to become true Warriors of Light. These six warriors face challenges that many of you do, and are here to guide you along your own path of empowerment and discovery of your inner gifts. Please visit their pages to learn more about what each has to offer.

These six warriors’ names will give you a hint of their power animals, but are not always easy to pronounce. The author of the book has provided audio clips to assist you with this: