Intuition with Aponi

Hi Friends,

I have a confession to make. Even though I’m only thirteen, I sometimes feel like I’m thirty. If you’ve read The Labyrinth, you will know that my mom has a form of depression and can not always be with me. I’ve had to grow up faster than some kids my age, which hasn’t always been easy. Thankfully, I have learned to listen my inner guide. My inner guide is always there, to tune into when I need it. It’s helped me to survive in this sometimes crazy world. When I allow myself to get real quiet and listen, I can even hear my inner wisdom and it never guides me astray.

A friend helping friend climb
Your intuition is there to help you and lift you up, like a best friend. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Sometimes I get caught inside my head, and all sorts of emotions drive my thoughts. These emotions tell me I’m not smart enough or strong enough. Or, sometimes they tell me that I am powerless to help those I love, or to make the world a better place.

I’ve learned to stand up to these doubting voices. When they start whispering inside of me, I tell them “I hear you, but you are just my fear talking.” Then, I take three deep breaths and imagine I am standing on top of a beautiful blue slide.

An anonymous figure sliding down a blue slide
Sliding into the space of the heart. (photo credit: Pixabay)

I close my eyes and feel myself riding down the slide. Eventually,  I land softly inside of a place that looks like it is filled with soft emerald moss. There is loving light all around me. My breath has brought me inside the calming comfort of me heart space where everything is quiet and peaceful. Here I can listen to my own true voice. My heart’s voice. My intuition. This voice is always calm and feels like a soft golden bubble of light inside of me. It speaks with love and support and uses words that always feel like truth. My inner voice is always there when I need it, to gently guide and support me.

An emerald forest filtered by sunlight
An emerald forest covered in moss that reminds me of the space inside my heart. (photo credit: Pixabay)


You have the same voice inside of your heart. It may not sound or feel exactly like mine, because it is your voice of wisdom, and only yours. Everyone has an inner voice that some people call their intuition. Whenever you feel fearful, angry, or filled with doubt or anxiety, try going down that blue slide into the green land of your heart.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. When you inhale, bring air in through your nose and deep into your belly. Take your time and feel the air expand up through the sides of your belly, and into your heart and even your throat.

Hold your breath in for just a moment, then slowly let it out. If you are really upset, try letting your breath out of your mouth until you feel calm and cool. You can make it fun by rolling your tongue when you exhale, making a hissing sound like a snake, or you can try sticking out your tongue and roaring like a lion!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Eventually, you will feel calmer, and you can begin to exhale through your nose. When you exhale your breath for the third time through your nose, imagine sliding down into your heart-space. Now let your breath find its own rhythm and be still. If you have a question for yourself, ask it and allow the answer to come to you. You may hear it as an inner voice inside of your mind, or you may sense an answer that feels like truth. Overtime, the more you trust this inner-knowing, the more it will communicate with you and guide you.

Green heart cut into a hedge
The green space of the heart is a place of peace and wisdom inside of you.

Remember, the busy thoughts of the mind that like to chatter throughout your day are often driven by your fears and not by your heart’s wisdom, or your intuition. They’re okay. They have their purpose, but mostly it’s to remind you of what you are holding onto that you can learn from. Your intuition, though, can become your constant friend who always speaks to you from pure love. She or he will never turn on you or leave you, but will always be there, sitting in your heart, waiting for you to stop and listen.



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