Dell’s Magical Realms

Hello Magical Beings!

I am so lucky to have been given the best page on the site! Shhh, don’t tell the others I said that, but seriously, who doesn’t love unicorns, dragons and fairies? First, let me tell you, I wasn’t always comfortable talking about magical creatures, but then I found out my friends in the labyrinth knew about them too. It’s okay if you don’t see or believe in what I also call the hidden realms. I’m here to open the door for those who wish to explore what is not always seen with our human eyes.

Unicorn in celestial light
I love this picture of a unicorn I found on Pixabay. It reminds me of how their horns connect to the wisdom of the universe, just like our third eye.

In my understanding, each “magical” realm has its purpose. For example there are nature spirits that help plants grow, and beings that work with the elements of water, fire, earth, and air. My personal favorite are the unicorns and fairies. Well, dragons are pretty awesome too. Did you know that you can call in the unicorns for guidance and love, just like your spirit guides? Their presence can fill you with joy. And dragons can burn away yucky energies and protect you. I like to think we each have our own unicorn and dragon, which are there for us when we need them. We just have to ask for them to surround us with their love, light, and protection, just like with the angels and our spirit guardians. In the two photos below, I see dragons. One is a water dragon diving toward the pool below, the other is a cloud dragon. If you look close you might see a baby dragon beside its head. This photo is extra special to me because it was taken above the lake we call “Mystic Lake” where I live. You will know what a special lake that is if you’ve read The Labyrinth.


Now, if you do happen to see orbs or sparks of light dancing around you, you might be seeing fairies or elemental spirits. If they feel joyful, let them be, smile and thank them for their presence. From my experience, elemental realms like to be appreciated, but they don’t always like to be bothered. They have their own jobs to do, and they take their jobs seriously. Sending love, gratitude, and appreciation for their role in keeping the Earth healthy is always a good idea too. Everyone likes to be appreciated for hard work.

I’ve included some photos here that I think are orbs of magical beings and some really awesome light energy. Take a look and see what you think. Maybe you’ve captured special energy orbs with your camera too!


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Looking at these photos makes me feel joyful, protected, and peaceful. I hope you feel the same. I’d love for you to share your own photos, experiences, or questions with me. In our monthly Warriors of Light newsletter, events and workshops we explore the magical realms more. 

I believe there’s magic everywhere, we just need to open our eyes to it.

Guardian stone on top of a mountain
I call this a mountain guardian stone. Can you see the face?

Have a Magical Day!


P.S. I want to also tell you about Diana Cooper. She’s got a lot of great books and information about angels, dragons, fairies and unicorns. Click on her name to visit her site to learn more about magical beings.