Spirit Helpers with Ari & Grandmother Crow

Hi Light Warriors,

I’m here with my spirit grandma, Grandmother Crow, to talk to you about spirit guides and helpers. If you’ve read The Labyrinthyou will know who Grandmother Crow is, and that she helps guide me and the other warriors from the spirit realm. Sometimes she appears as a crow to guide us along our paths, and sometimes we hear her talking to us inside of our minds. She’s what I call a spirit guide/helper. Although she’s no longer living in the physical world like you and me, her spirit is still around to assist me and my friends when we need her help. Sometimes, she speaks in riddles and we have to decode her hidden messages, but her guidance is always wise and full of love.



“Grandmother Crow, can you explain what exactly a spirit guide is, and does everyone have one? Can you also have more than one?”


GrandmotherCrow_FinalShaded“Well, Ari, spirit guides come in many forms. They can be someone you knew in life (even an animal) who has passed into the world of spirit, like me, but still returns from time to time to offer love and guidance. Or, they could be spirit beings from higher realms, like the angelic realms. Most often, you will have a group of different beings guiding you from the spirit realm, but you may or may not be aware of their presence.”


“How do people connect with and learn to communicate with their guides? What if they can’t see them or hear them? Does it matter if you don’t know they are there, or what their names are, or how many spirit helpers you have?”


“I think the most important thing, Ari, is to know you are never alone, and that there is GrandmotherCrow_FinalShadedalways a source of love and guidance there for you when you need it. It’s important to develop your own inner wisdom and to trust it, like Aponi talks about on her page. Your guides are an extension of your own inner wisdom. So, it really does not matter so much if you know us by name, or if you can or cannot see us. Start trusting and working with your inner voice, and then allow the guidance you seek to come through in the form of love. That’s what’s really most important. Learning to know the voice, or presence, of love.”


“Can you talk more about what you mean by ‘love?’ Do you mean, like, vs. fear? Are there other beings out there that we may or may not be able to see that don’t come from a place of love? How do we know how to tell the difference, and what voice, or presence, to trust?”


“That’s a great question, Ari. And, that’s why it’s so important to learn to trust and GrandmotherCrow_FinalShadeddevelop your own inner-knowing or intuition. All of your true spirit guides and helpers will feel like some aspect of love. They will feel comfortable and wise, like your own heart-wisdom. If you ever encounter a being or presence that does not feel like it is coming from the place of love, do not trust it. It’s just like with people you may encounter in life.”


“Okay, so it’s like how it’s really not a good idea to use an ouija board, or to open the door to a stranger, because you don’t want to just invite some weirdo into your life who can harm you. And, more important than trying to see or hear all of your guides, it’s okay just knowing that love is always in and around you.”


“Yes. We explore this more in our newsletters and events, but for now I GrandmotherCrow_FinalShadedwant to add one more thing. You know that “Connecting to the Heavens and Earth” visualization Shesha mentions on his page that you can do every morning? That’s a great way to help protect yourself from harmful beings. I like to call it a shield of light. You can also use stones like black tourmaline, hematite, and onyx, to help protect you while you sleep, or during the day. Call in the light and feel it surround you whenever you need it. Ask for the highest beings of love and light to protect you as well. I love you, Ari. You are surrounded by my love always, just as your readers are always surrounded by the love of their guides and helpers.”



“I love you too, Grandmother Crow. Thank you for being there to guide me and all of my friends.”



And we love you, Warriors of Light. Thank you for being a part of this journey.  We’re here to answer questions you may have and offer you guidance in any way we can.


Ari & Grandmother Crow

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