Shesha Talks Chakras

Hey Warriors,

Did you know your body has wheels of energy hidden inside of you that swirl in the colors of the rainbow? They’re called chakras where I come from, and some people can even see them. The chakras are just one of many systems of energy that work to keep your body healthy and strong. Here is a chart for the 7 main chakras and how they help you:

Chakras & Auras in the Human Body
Aura & Chakra Chart. As energy moves up the body it vibrates into faster frequencies of light/colors. If you can see people’s energy it might look like this, or it might look different.

Your chakras align with different parts of your body and affect your physical and emotional wellbeing. They spread outward and connect to channels (meridians) of energy within you, and radiate outside of you as your aura. When your chakras, meridians, and aura are healthy and vibrant, you will feel balanced, grounded, peaceful, and connected to your inner and outer worlds. When you are feeling sick, tired or just not quite right, your energy will feel and look cloudy and less vibrant.

It’s important to take care of your energy body so that you feel healthy, strong, and full of life. I’m going to give you some of my favorite tips to use when your energy feels “off.”

Let’s Start At The Root (Chakra) By Grounding Yourself To Earth

Grounding meditation

Your root chakra is meant to ground you to Earth. As you move up your energy body, your chakras have different roles.

Now Let’s Go To Your Second Chakra To Seed & Grow Your Creative Gifts

Your second chakra is where your creative gifts are nurtured along with your personal relationships. If your second chakra is “off,” you might have trouble interacting with those closest to you, and it’s likely you are not nurturing your creative gifts. Say for example, you have a natural talent for playing the piano, but you haven’t touched the keys in several days. You may begin to feel empty and unfulfilled. Then, when you start playing the piano again, you feel joyful and energized.

It is important to express yourself in whatever creative form brings you joy. Whether it is playing the piano, cooking, building forts, writing poetry…it is that special thing that brings you joy.

second chakra

Next We Light To Your Inner Sun To Be Confident & Kind

The area in the middle of your body, between your belly button and rib cage, holds your solar plexus, or 3rd chakra. This is where your inner sun shines its light. When your solar plexus is balanced, and you are radiating a beautiful light, you are confident and self-assured.  To bring to you the confidence and light of your inner sun, try this visualization/meditation:


Centering in the Heart to Radiate Love & Compassion

Sometimes you can have too much fire in your belly, but you can always move into your heart space to calm it. Just like Aponi showed you. This is the are of your 4th chakra, or your heart chakra. It holds your compassion and love for yourself and others. An open-hearted person extends love out to others and into the world, but our fears and distrust can cause us to guard our heart chakra. It’s okay to be guarded when something or someone does not feel right, but if we close our heart chakra too much, we can feel sad, lonely, or depressed. My favorite way to nurture my heart chakra is to be out in nature. I like to meditate under my cherry tree in the garden and listen to the sounds of nature and the falling water in the pond. Taking walks and being outside is a great way to open your heart chakra. Doing something kind for someone in need is also wonderful for your heart chakra. Here are some ways to nurture your heart chakra:

Fourth Chakra Tips


Discovering Your Truths and Expressing Them Kindly

Now we’re moving up into the throat chakra, your 5th chakra. This is where you bring your own unique truths out into the world. If you tend to hold back your words, or your voice, whether it be through speaking, writing, or some other form of expression, the energy in your throat chakra can feel trapped. Sometimes we can fear that others will judge us when we express who we are. We may not want to appear different or be judged harshly for who we are or what we have to say. Yet, when we express the truths of who we are with confidence, love, and compassion, our throat chakra shines bright and we radiate our unique light into the world. Singing, humming, writing and creating art are all wonderful ways to bring joy and confidence to your voice.

Live your Truth


Using Your Inner Eye To Open To Your Intuition 

If you visit Aponi’s page, she talks about the importance of learning to trust your intuition. Your inner wisdom is connected to your third eye chakra, also known as the 6th chakra. Although the energy of your third eye is behind the middle of your forehead, it’s not really about how your brain works in its everyday functions. Like, for example, when you are tying your shoes or figuring out a math problem.

I like to call the third eye the heart mind as opposed to the logical mind. It’s that inner guidance that speaks quietly, but is always there if we tune in and listen. You know how sometimes you get a feeling that maybe you should or should not do something, even though there’s no logical reason why? Like maybe you’re about go for a walk and a little voice inside of you says “grab an umbrella,” even though it’s sunny and warm? So you ignore the voice, or feeling that you should get an umbrella because it doesn’t seem logical, but then you’re walking outside fifteen minutes later and it starts to rain? Well your inner wisdom sometimes knows what your logical brain does not. It can also connect you to your spirit guides and helpers. It’s a great tool!

Trust your intuition


The Light Within You Is Also Outside Of You

You are a being of light filled energy. A light that connects you to all life. It is within you, just as it is within me. It is also outside of you. If  you are feeling sad or tired, you can bring some of that light energy into your body by imaging the top of your head opening like a flower to the sun. When I go into meditation, I imagine the top, or crown of my head, opening up to receive it this golden light. It feels like pure love and I let it flow in and around me to protect and nourish me. Here is a a simple, yet effective visualization that you can use to start your day feeling grounded, loved, and protected:


A visualization to start your day

Phew, there’s a lot on this page, and I think I’ll wrap it up. If you sign up for our monthly newsletter, I’ll share more tips and tricks to help you feel energized, healthy, strong, connected and grounded throughout your days. We’ll even talk more about how you can use stones and crystals like citrine.



P.S. One note about breathing: It’s important to breathe in through your nose and out through your nose when you are doing visualizations and meditations. Breathe gently, but deeply and feel your breath go deep into your belly and under your ribs until it moves into the base of your throat. Then gently release your breath through your nose, drawing your belly gently toward your spine. Try to match the length of your inhales with your exhales.